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You’ve got big hairy sales goals which look great on the screen, but how do you turn them into reality? A CRM (customer relationship management) system which helps your business optimise, automate and grow. Sales challenges range from a lack of robust sales processes and methodologies, an inability to forecast accurately and the desire for greater visibility so you know what your sales team are actually doing! A CRM system can help in so many ways…

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S**t hot sales results

In the background

A CRM system can’t make your sales team pick up the phone, but it can do everything else.

Delivering more

It delivers better everything: better knowledge of your customers; segmentation; customer retention; quicker communication; and data protection and privacy.

Increase efficiency

This allows you to build a more efficient and effective sales strategy and process and gives you visibility of your sales funnel.

Close deals

You close deals in less time with less effort and for less money.

We know our s**t

We know what makes salespeople tick because we are salespeople.

Support in software

This understanding ensures that your salespeople are committed to your new CRM system, guaranteeing a better uptake and better results.

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Fern Energy


Fern Energy was created through the partnership of two longstanding, trusted kiwi companies, Southfuels and Farmlands Fuel, to better serve the people at the heart of our primary industries across New Zealand.

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