Integrations with Other Systems

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Integrations with other systems

As experts in the software consulting space, it's important we know the products that perfectly compliment the software solutions we offer. So, we've compiled our favourite add-ons that will partner with your CRM, automation marketing or customer service solutions seamlessly.

optiSync logo

OptiSync is designed in house by our developers and customised for the SugarCRM™ Loadable Module that imports and exports data between SugarCRM and external data sources. OptiSync is an ETL (Extract,Transform, and Load) component that can communicate with a variety of external systems.

Optisync also includes a Custom Javascript Pipedrive Application that can be loaded into Pipedrive in order to connect with a variety of back-end finance systems (assuming these systems support web-hooks and apis).

optisync process diagram
Zapier logo

Zapier is a web-based automation tool that connects different web applications together, allowing them to work seamlessly with each other without requiring any coding skills. The platform uses a simple interface called "Zaps" to create automated workflows or tasks between different applications, known as "trigger" and "action."

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