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We are optimate.me, your Growth Partner. We deliver best-of-breed software to optimise and automate your business.

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Optimise. Automate. Grow.

Three words that sum up exactly who we are and what we do. We streamline your sales processes and automate your marketing efforts so you can focus on growing your business.

We’re your software empowerers, customer educators, and bulls**t removalists. Expect no slang, no acronyms, no jargon, just solid software advice.

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and Science

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In a nutshell there was a salesperson…

An engineer, international adventures, freezing temperatures, vodka, long hours, and sapphires. A lot of sapphires. Then a chance meeting in a workplace where this yin and yang pair (Tom and James) discovered a joint drive for something more.

Two powerhouses, joining forces, bringing together business acumen, sales, and science to provide a better solution than the market offered. Driven by a desire to make Kiwi & Aussie businesses better, optimate.me was born.

We have 3 key principles:

Build strong relationships.

Better educate our customers.

Deliver best-of-breed CRM (customer relationship management) software solutions that drive growth.


Faster. Better. More hamster.

Like hamsters, we’re fast, efficient, and nimble. Figuring out the right CRM solution for your business can be like endlessly running on a hamster wheel – we motivate hamsters, so the wheels continue to spin in your business.

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Strong partnership

Great partners build empires. Partners pick you up when you’re down and raise you higher when you’re not. We do everything we can to be your trusted partner.

No Bulls***

It’s not difficult to do what you say and our people live by this ethos. We own our mistakes, we celebrate our achievements, and we work in an open and honest environment to ensure our customers don’t have to deal with the bulls*** flying around the industry.

We care

It’s never about selling software, it’s about selling a solution to scale a business. We care about the success of customers. If they succeed it means our solution was right. If our solution was right, we were right and WE LOVE BEING RIGHT!

We know our stuff

Our competence drives innovation and growth for our customers. We deliver bespoke software solutions that produce the right results. We understand industry challenges intrinsically which allows us to provide custom software solutions.

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