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As an accredited software partner for Act-On, we are committed to helping businesses transform their marketing efforts with cutting-edge automation solutions. Our team of certified consultants possesses in-depth knowledge of Act-On's marketing automation software, allowing us to deliver customized solutions that optimize marketing workflows, drive engagement, and generate leads.

From implementation and integration to strategic planning and ongoing support, we work closely with our clients to design tailored marketing automation strategies that align with their business goals. With Act-On's powerful platform and our expertise, businesses can effectively nurture leads, automate campaigns, and measure marketing ROI.

Act-On is for any business that wants real marketing results. Able to integrate with existing software, including SugarCRM, it’s affordable, easy to use and has a range of powerful features that you’d expect from a larger platform.

As the world’s leading growth marketing company, you can imagine that this software has a lot to brag about. This is all about building communication to increase conversion and build a connected audience. Customers are more than just leads, and marketers need more than just automation.

This platform is built to help create better brand experiences and grow your business. Automation is guaranteed to take your business to the next level.

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Act-On features and benefits

Act-On is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that combines several components into a single platform. Marketing professionals created the recognisable user interface, which is user-friendly and intuitive. With Act-On, we'll help you get started quickly, and you'll have access to Act-On University and an online community to further your education as necessary.

Email Marketing Automation
Every Consumer's Personalised Email Automation. With the help of our Automated Journey Builder and Act-on email design software, you can effortlessly plan and build your processes and produce responsive messages that look amazing on any screen.

Website and Landing Page Optimisation
With Act-On, you can leverage visitor monitoring, landing page designs, and A/B testing tools to cut down on bounce rates and maximise every interaction.

Dynamic Web Forms
Better Lead Capture with Progressive Profiling and Dynamic Forms. With the aid of simpler, more logical lead gathering procedures, marketers of all skill levels and degrees of expertise can create thorough buyer profiles.

Lead Scoring
Based on engagement, behaviours, and profiles. You may send better marketing qualified leads to sales and convert sales-qualified leads into successful business possibilities by automating your lead tracking and lead scoring models.

Marketing Segmentation
The key to highly individualised and compelling digital marketing initiatives is marketing segmentation. With the aid of Act-On's sophisticated and dynamic marketing segmentation features, you can precisely segment your target group and combine engaging content and message with them.

Marketing Automation
With Act-On marketing automation, any marketer can interact with prospects, convert leads, nurture customer experiences, close sales, and advocate for clients in order to enhance their exposure and repeat business.

Marketing Analytics
You may better understand their behavior by using marketing analytics tools to enhance your marketing measurement, and you can use the data to create campaign decisions that are based on facts rather than feelings.

Social Media Automation
B2B and B2C customers are increasingly conducting product research, interacting with brands, and making purchases using social media. You can develop social media campaigns that generate income and demonstrate the worth of your brand and offerings using Act-Advanced On's Social Media Module.

How does Act-On help?

Act-On is a full feature marketing automation platform that brings together multiple elements into one platform. The familiar user interface is designed for marketers, making it intuitive and simple to use. We’ll help you get up and running quickly with Act-On, and you’ll have access to Act-On University and an online community to deepen your knowledge when needed.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation, customer journeys, SMS marketing, Social media automation, Dynamic content.

Software Intergration

SEO audit tools, Mar-tech integrations, such as CRM, social media, webinars, URL shorteners, web analytics, Google, email plugins, and Litmus.

Real Time Analytics

Marketing reporting and analytics, Lead scoring, Marketing and behavioural segmentation.

Marketing Application

Dynamic web forms, Website and landing page optimisation, SEO audit tools, Transactional emailing, Digital events.

Act-On Implementation

At optimate.me, we believe in helping businesses add value, not just selling software. Our Act-On Marketing Automation Implementation Services are well rounded. From discovery to ongoing support, we will work closely with you to fully realise the vision of Marketing Automation that fits your needs.


We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your business goals, marketing objectives, and specific pain points. This discussion, called our Enablement Program, lays the foundation for a customised Act-On implementation plan. It consists of a series of 2-hour sessions and can be stretched out depending on your needs.

Needs Assessment

Our team will conduct a thorough needs assessment, identifying the unique requirements of your business. We'll evaluate your current marketing processes, data sources, and technology stack to ensure a tailored solution.

Technical Set-up

Getting Act-On up and running will require some customised set up on your end.  We will provide an entire step by step guide on this process and support you along the way. Completing this step is critical to ensuring your emails are delivered properly, contact lists are synced and you have access to the full suite Act-On has to offer.

Data Integration

We'll set up seamless data integration between Act-On and your existing CRM, databases, and other systems, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.


Act-On Initial Set-up process image.

Our team will work with you to develop 1 initial campaign.  This could be an email, survey or automation campaign and we'll use this real life example as the basis of our training.

Training and Onboarding

We'll provide comprehensive training for your team on Act-On software, including:

·      Lead Scoring and Segmentation
·      Automation Workflow Design
·      Content Creation and Email Templates
·      A/B Testing Setup
·      Email List Clean-up
·      Launch and Monitoring
·      Optimisation and Reporting

Scaling and Growth

As your business grows, we'll help you scale and evolve your Act-On marketing program. We explore new opportunities and technologies to keep you ahead of the competition.

Client Review and Feedback

Regular client meetings are vital to reviewing results, gathering feedback, and making necessary adjustments to ensure your marketing automation is aligned with your evolving business goals. We will also provide you with industry insights and help you establish your long-term marketing goals.

Long-term Support

optimate.me offers ongoing support and maintenance ensuring your Act-On marketing software continues to deliver exceptional results. This can be achieved through a dedicated support contract.

Let's embark on an Act-On marketing automation journey to elevate your business to new heights. Our experts are ready to guide you through each step of the implementation process, delivering an unparalleled marketing automation experience. Get in touch today!

Act-On Integration

Marketing integrations are at the heart of Act-On’s marketing technology software. Their CRM connectors, Zoom integration, and Zapier network allow you to engage your target audiences like never before while collecting and analysing critical data in real-time. As you strive to establish and extend valuable relationships, Act-On’s MarTech stack integrations will inform and influence every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Act-On CRM Connector Diagram
Act-On to Zapier Integration Diagram
Act-On to Zoom Integration Diagram
Act-On CRM Connector Diagram Slide
Act-On to Zapier Diagram slide
Act-On to Zoom Integration Diagram Slide

Case Studies

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Ezi Car Rental


Ezi Car Rental operates a successful car rental business and is expanding its NZ brand and associated marketing activity. All online reservations and bookings are entered into the existing Booking system, Ezi Car Rental would like to expand its marketing content and build its brand. However, lacking a CRM system, Ezi Car Rental has no way to accurately segment their customer data in detail as the existing booking system does not allow effective segmentation with the level of granularity required. As a consequence, the marketing messages that are generated are not as effective as they could be as they are not targeted at the correct customers, and this is an area that could be significantly improved.

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