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What is optiSync?

optiSync is a software Framework that imports and exports data between the CRM system and external data sources. optiSync is an ETL (Extract,Transform, and Load) component that can communicate with a variety of external systems, including:

●    Databases

  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle DB
  • PostgreSQL 

●    RESTful Services 

●    CSV import via FTP and SFTP

optiSync’s primary use case is for near-real time synchronisation between customers’ databases and their chosen CRM. optiSync allows non developers to easily configure synchronization with external sources as opposed to building a custom integration for each back-end system. It is also is less generic than other middleware platforms, making the configuration simpler and easier to achieve.

optiSync Integration diagram



Data extraction can be filtered on multiple conditions so that only records that should be synchronized are extracted. optiSync tracks the last time a successful synchronisation occurred, and will only fetch records that have been modified since then.


Mapping of source fields to target fields. Translation of email addresses to SugarCRM email relationship.


Target records can be matched on multiple conditions, and can be created and/or updated (upset). If more complex matching is required, optiSync can be extended with customised code.

optiSync can be configured to only write out values that are currently empty in the target system. I.e. if the target already has a value it will not overwrite it.

optiSync can also link the target record with other SugarCRM modules or DB tables, using the same powerful matching rules for finding target records.


optiSync can map multiple outputs to one input, so the data is only extracted once.


optiSync has flexible scheduling using the SugarCRM scheduler. Synchronisations can be scheduled to import updates every minute, or to perform a complete synchronisation every night.

Duplicate Detection

With its flexible matching rules, optiSync can also be used to find duplicate records and mark them as de-duplication candidates.

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