Tereza Kalinova

Marketing Manager

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Tereza comes from the Austria-Hungarian empire on the land of today’s Czech Republic. Her Great Great Grand father was Charles IV and she enjoyed an early upbringing of military cadetships, hunting and sporting success, particularly at the Shotput and the Javelin.

She then moved to Prague to run international marketing for a well-known Czech Car Manufacturer to fulfill her dreams. While competing in the annual sports day for the aforementioned car company, she had an unfortunate accident with the shotput and so instead decided to fly to New Zealand to follow her dream of becoming a hippie.

After living in a car for a year, occasionally picking fruit and mostly catching waves she decided to come back to reality and get a job. She is currently trying to balance out the hippie and corporate lifestyle in Auckland by creating marketing value for optimate.me. She is addicted to coffee, yoga and the ocean and can still throw the shotput a long, long way!

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