Project Methodology for Enterprise

SMARTStart process diagram image
SMARTStart Process Flow diagram

Requirements and Use Case Analysis

Each project begins with a comprehensive requirements gathering session collecting information about the specific use case and clearly defining the business objectives that will generate the ROI for the project. Use Case Analysis with various teams is completed looking to define the current state and the desired future state.

Configuration/ Development/ Review

These phases are cyclical and can go through many iterations, depending on how many changes are needed. A typical CRM implementation project goes through 2-3 iterations. These iterations can include configuration, development and integration sprints.

Data Load

Once the solution has been finalised and tested, we can begin importing the data that you want to use in the CRM and setting up the integration feeds. Data is often the biggest risk to the success of the CRM project, so it is vital that the data is cleansed and presented in the correct format for the CRM.


Reporting is one of the most rich and complex features of a CRM system, so takes the time to engage with you fully to understand your reporting requirements. CRM Reports and Dashboards are highly customisable and flexible, so taking the time to implement them properly is extremely valuable as it ensures that staff get access to the key data sets they require to run their business units.


Another major risk for a CRM deployment is insufficient "buy-in" from users. reduces that risk by providing comprehensive user training, helping your users to fully understand the value that the CRM system will add to your business and ensuring that they understand the business process and why a CRM is being implemented.

What are our guiding principles?

Transparency the best policy!

Successful projects are founded on openness and collaboration, so we work hard to earn and maintain that trust through regular reporting and meaningful feedback.


Keep It (relatively) Simple!

Following Agile methodology and other project management best practices, we will build, design and test your CRM solution iteratively. Our proven method is designed to get a working example in front of you as quickly as possible. Anyone can talk a good game and draw a world-beating design on the back of a beermat, but we prefer to walk the walk by putting the proof in your hands.

Risk Reduction

"Named must you fear be before banish it you can." - Yoda, from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

For successful project delivery at Enterprise level, it must be underpinned by the sensible and proportionate risk management. By using regular checkpoint reviews and the use of best practices and templates in oour approach, we can identify and manage the risks appropriately. We will also provide comprehensive training and knowledge transfer to drive user adoption, ensuring you see tangible results and ROI.

Evolution Not Revolution

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." - Charles Darwin knows that implementing your CRM solution is just the beginning of our journey together, so you will not need to turn your CRM system upside-down and inside-out as your business grows. Our CRM solutions are designed to scale up to support your business and be tailored to your requirements as they evolve.


Helping you to add value to your business

At we believe in helping businesses add value, not just selling software. Once your CRM system is in place, your Account Manager will follow up with an ROI Review to ensure that your stated aims are being achieved.

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