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CRM is complex. Let help you make the right decision with our expert consulting services.

CRM is complex. Let help you make the right decision with our expert consulting services.

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Our experts are here to help ensure you get the right software solution for your business.

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Choosing the right CRM (customer relationship management) solution for your business starts with understanding your needs. That’s where our expert, bulls**t free consultation services come in.

Because we work with best-in-breed software solutions, we’ll listen and understand your pain points before honing in on what your business needs to grow. Being vendor-neutral means we recommend the right solutions based on your needs.

This could be managing your sales pipeline more effectively to drive sales, generating more leads in a low-effort way by automating your marketing or improving your customer service and operations through enhancing experiences.

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What does a CRM

specialist do? 

A customer relationship management (CRM) specialist manages the technology of a business to improve the overall function. These areas typically include sales, marketing and customer service. Their responsibility is to maximize the efficiency of the CRM data and software to improve customer care. They are the "middle man" or "middle woman" as they go between employees and the CRM software. The role of a CRM specialist affects sales, customer service, and overall brand perception. To successfully find ways to optimize complex CRM software programs, CRM specialists must have great analytical skills, clear communication, and be good collaborators.

How do I choose a

CRM consultancy?

Here are our 5 top tips for choosing the right CRM consultancy:

1. Years in the Game - Would you let an medical intern do your surgery? We think not! Maybe not to the same extreme, but you want an industry veteran. CRM consulting is a crowded space, but with over 10 years in the game, we have witnessed the evolution of the CRM space and developed best practises and tips/tricks that only come with years of practice.

2. CRM Product Development Experience- Look for specialists who won't only deliver the product but can also support the professional services once implemented. This will lead to a more solid execution and implementation of your CRM product.

3. Speciality or Industry Focus - The better your CRM consultant knows your industry, the better equipped they will be to quickly identify issues and know how to solve them in your business.

4. Delivery Capacity - You should be the priority, work with a consultancy that treats you this way. The largest firm is not necessarily the best fit for your CRM project. Pay attention to how they communicate with you, how fast they reply to your emails, and their level of engagement during calls or meetings.

5. Pay Attention to the Time Zones - Projects simply go better when you have interactive dialog and communications with the people performing the work. Waiting for responses, miscommunication or lack of connection compromise timelines and delivery quality.

What are the biggest challenges with a CRM?

CRM implementation does not come with out its challenges. Here are the biggest pitfalls to avoid when implementing your new CRM:
Lack of Communication - When top management decide to implement a CRM system into the business it can fail if the consideration and process are not shared with the entire organisation.
Lack of Use - a CRM is only as good as the data put into it. If the staff do not use it, then it will not be an effective tool for the business.
Lack of Integration - Most businesses are using some form of software, email, marketing campaigns, payroll, finance, and usually these are all separate systems. A CRM can bring these together, but only if has flexible integration options. Choosing the right CRM to compliment with the other systems in your business is crucial.

How to select the right CRM for your business

Choosing the right CRM (customer relationship management) solution for your business starts with understanding your needs. That’s where our expert, bulls**t free consultation services come in.  In addition to this, there are a few key tips you should undertake to make sure you find the right fit.

Ask yourself, what problems are you trying to solve in your business? These could be tracking leads and lead activity, better visibility of your opportunities or the close rate of your sales. Perhaps you want to increase profitability or productivity? Identifying these goals at the start will ensure the CRM.

Make sure you understand the process. This component is key to success. Anytime you introduce something new into a business there is going to be a period of implementation. This is where an external consultant can be very helpful. The team need training, there needs to be integration into your other software systems and there is always a period of testing to work out the bugs. Whether you choose to implement yourself, or use an external specialist, do not underestimate the impact of implementation.

Prepare of user adoption. No matter what system you choose, your team will need to learn how to use it. A common complaint among sales people is they believe that by giving up their customers' contact information, they are putting their position as risk. Involving your sales team in your CRM selection process to get their buy in is a great way to help the implementation process of a new CRM system.

Do a Demo! The phrase "try before you buy" has never been more relevant. Whilst a demo won't give you everything you need to make a final decision, it's a great way to see how user-friendly a system is, look at the layout and try inputting some data. If you are working with a CRM consultancy, this is even better as they can answer some real time questions and often show you a better user experience than you would find on your own.

Benefits of Hiring a CRM consultant

Implementing a CRM system is an important decision and a time consuming process. If you fail to develop an effective strategy, your CRM implementation will cost you time and money. This is where a CRM consultant can help. They will give you good advice on choosing the best option to fit your business, provide guidance on CRM implementation and will often have a team of specialists who can implement, train your team, integrate your existing software platforms and provide post-implementation support for all those extra questions.

Why you need a custom CRM solution

Consider the following, whilst off-the-shelf software is less expensive, as your business grows, the lack of customization may lead to inefficient manual processes and you’ll eventually need to invest a lot of money in the proprietary software so you could scale effectively.

Building your own software that is tailored to your business' specific makes you more scalable. Here are five benefits to having a custom CRM:

1. It can give you a competitive advantage and help you outperform your competitors who rely on off-the-shelf software.

2. You can build an integrated platform that keeps all your data in one place for faster, more accurate reporting.

3. Your team will be able to work faster and smarter with a custom system in place rather than having to rely on a  collection of different programs.

4. As your business evolves and needs change to stay competitive, you will be able to shift technology strategies fast and succeed in the market.

5. You'll get the custom features you need to match your exact business and customer needs, giving you the power to exceed and pivot based on your business needs.

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