SugarCRM Elite Partner Again!

March 5, 2021

SugarCRM Elite Partner Again!

Here at we are thrilled to confirm that we have retained our Elite SugarCRM Partner Status with SugarCRM for the next financial year. This is a great effort, in tough economic conditions (with frequent lockdowns!) and we would like to thank all of our customers for their support and investment in the platform.
The good news is that SugarCRM seems oblivious to any supposed economic slow down and have made  2 significant investments over the last 6 months:
Firstly, they have purchased a US Based SugarCRM Reseller called W-Systems with over 10 years experience with SugarCRM and are in the process of integrating all of their special add-ons and components into the Sugar Platform. More details below:
Secondly, and even more exciting they also purchased a Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform called Node. Node has the capability of applying deep learning models to both CRM data and large quantities of data derived from external sources. This has advantages over modeling based on CRM data alone, which can be inaccurate or incomplete. Node estimates that its algorithms identify signals with over 80% greater accuracy than rule-based approaches.
This is very exciting as Sugars strategy is to simplify the AI Conundrum by adding it to the core Sugar Sell and Serve Platforms within the existing licence price. Simple functions that Sugar are planning to launch within Sugar Sell and Serve include:
- Identifying customers most likely to churn;
- Predicting likelihood to convert against a lead and an opportunity;
- Recommending add-on products to increase average sale size;
- Improving engagement models through predictive case routing;
More information can be obtained below:

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