Pipedrive versus Hubspot. Which one is the better CRM?

Tom Risbrook
April 17, 2024

Choosing the right sales software is a pivotal step for a business. Both systems seem to do the same thing on the surface but what are the actual differences?


1.   Specialization and Focus?

One of the key distinctions between HubSpot and Pipedrive lies in their core focus. While HubSpot is an extensive all-in-one application encompassing various business functionalities across marketing, sales, service, e-commerce etc. Pipedrive zeroes in on the specific needs of sales teams.

Pipedrive specializes in empowering sales professionals across hunting and farming with tools that directly address their daily challenges, thereby ensuring a more tailored and efficient user experience. There are many functions and features that will make life better for the sales users and this is different to more traditional CRM systems.


2.   Ease of use and the User Interface?

The Pipedrive User Interface is very intuitive. The layout is clean, without messy buttons and controls, helping you focus on your work. That doesn't mean you can't tweak settings—you can add other pipelines, customize stages, set probabilities and rotting rules—but those are out of the way.

Adding new contacts is quick with a simple form. If you're adding a duplicate, Pipedrive notifies you to help keep your database clean. And when you open the contact page, the colour contrast separates positive and negative information with much more clarity. You can also keep track of the contact timeline, showing a visual graph of calls, deals, and emails you've exchanged with each person. It all gives you a good sense of whether it's time to give space or invest more in the relationship.

But by comparison, the HubSpot sales pipeline isn't as intuitive, and the muted colour scheme of the user interface, despite being easy on the eyes, lacks some sharpness when popping out the most critical information at a glance. The contact page is detailed and complete, but it feels a little cluttered by comparison, too. The mobile app is also cluttered and busy whereas the Pipedrive mobile app is all built around driving sales activity and is very easy to use.    


3.   Transparency in Pricing?

Pipedrive’s pricing structure stands out for its simplicity and transparency. Companies pay per user and can choose from various plans ranging from Essential to Professional, eliminating the confusion often associated with pricing tiers and hidden costs.

Conversely, HubSpot’s pricing model can be convoluted, with separate pricing for each hub, tiered structures, and hidden expenses, making it challenging for businesses to gauge the true cost of the service.

Users often highlight Pipedrive's transparency regarding pricing and features, appreciating the absence of hidden costs or unexpected fees. This transparency fosters trust and ensures customers have a clear understanding of what they're paying for, contributing to the platform's positive reputation on Trustpilot.

HubSpot: Mixed Reviews with Concerns About Hidden Costs

Even users who rate HubSpot highly often caution others about potential hidden costs and price shock. While the platform offers a range of features, some customers feel that certain functionalities may come at an unexpected expense, leading to frustration and disappointment.

4.   Accessibility of Reports?

While both platforms offer powerful analytics capabilities, Pipedrive excels in terms of report accessibility. Pipedrive's reports are designed to be more user-friendly, making data easier to access and comprehend. In contrast, HubSpot’s reports, while comprehensive, may be overwhelming for some users due to the complexity of the interface and the depth of the analytics provided (which most salespeople don't need).


5.   AI Assistance? 

Pipedrive’s AI sales assistant provides actionable insights based on user data, offering personalized recommendations to drive sales efforts efficiently. While HubSpot incorporates AI capabilities such as Generative AI for text and images and ChatSpot chatbot, Pipedrive's AI functionalities are more directly tailored to sales-specific tasks, enhancing its utility for sales teams.

6.   Customers love Pipedrive

Pipedrive consistently earns high praise from users on Trust pilot, boasting an impressive rating of 4.5 stars. Customers frequently commend Pipedrive for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and reliable customer support. The platform's intuitive design streamlines sales processes, empowering teams to efficiently manage leads and close deals.

In conclusion, Pipedrive is a better choice for small and medium businesses seeking to elevate their sales processes. Its specialized focus, transparent pricing, user-friendly interface, and tailored AI assistance make it a great tool for sales professionals. While HubSpot may offer a broader range of features, Pipedrive's emphasis on solving sales-specific challenges and its straightforward approach to pricing and usability make it the best-of-breed solution for companies looking to optimise their sales operations.

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