CloudTech is now

Samantha Joyce
October 10, 2022

CloudTech is now

After 10 years of operating under the name CloudTech, this major player in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software consultancy space is rebranding, or rather, optimising its business. Meet,(pronounced optimate me) your growth partner.  
The brainchild of an engineer and sales and marketing guru, Tom and James joined forces over 10 years ago and created CloudTech. Together they brought business acumen, sales and science to provide a better solution than the market offered. For the past decade they have been working with Kiwi and Australian companies to scale their business through software solutions and rather successfully we might add. The business grew from two founders to a team of sales, operations & service specialists focused on producing good business outcomes for their customers.  
However, 10 years without refreshing the brand made it look tired and weathered. cue, Not just a pretty face, comes with all the same brilliance and service of its origins, but with a beautiful new website, value-added content and a real focus on delivering value and choice for its customers:
“The name, CloudTech, sometimes confused our customers,” says Tom Risbrook, founder of (formerly CloudTech). “Are we an IT Consultancy? Or a hosting business? comes with a clear message, we optimise New Zealand and Australian businesses so they can scale.” 
“Most customers struggle to understand the best software solution for their business based on their exact requirements.  Its‘ Caveat Emptor’ (buyer beware!) as on the web it looks as though all of the software products in the CRM space are very similar. are focused on de-risking this for our customers. This means we focus first on the pain points of our customers and then offer a solution that best solves these pain points. We believe that’s a much more rational and transparent way of operating and is likely to result in quicker and better software outcomes for our customers.”
"We pride ourselves on our bulls**t free advice,” says Tom. “We know using the word bulls**, is a bit edgy but there is so much of it that plagues our industry. We see our role as cutting through this layer so our customers get a quick return on their investment and can focus on growing their businesses”
We will be featuring our new brand at the upcoming Fieldays Exhibition. “Fieldays is an iconic New Zealand event,” says Tom. "Agriculture and ancillary businesses are a growing part of our business, so having a site at Fieldays feels like a natural fit.” 

For a complete view of the services offer please explore our new website at

For more information or inquiry, please contact:  Samantha Joyce, Marketing Manager,, +64223094353 

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