7 Reasons Why Act-On Is a Great B2B Marketing Platform

Tereza Kalinova
February 1, 2024

7 Reasons Why Act-On Is a Great B2B Marketing Platform

Ever wondered why you should choose Act-On as your B2B marketing platform?

Sit back and read our 7 reasons why we at use Act-On to scale our business.


1.    Comprehensive Marketing Automation.

Who wouldn’t love automation? The idea of something working for you while you sleep, are on holiday, or work on a different project is simply amazing. Automation makes your marketing smoother and more effortless. Act-On provides a range of marketing tools to make this dream come true, including email marketing, lead nurturing, scoring, and more.

2.    User-Friendly Interface.

It doesn’t matter if you are a marketing pro or someone whose technical expertise lies in a different field than marketing. Act-On makes all your data easily accessible and understandable.

3.    Lead Management.

Act-On makes the sometimes tricky connection between marketing and sales effortless. Let the software show you where your potential clients stand in the sales funnel, nurture marketing leads, and eventually turn them into satisfied customers.

4.    Analytics and Reporting.

Forget about complicated spreadsheets. Act-On creates reports for you to help you understand where you are. This data can be crucial for making informed decisions and optimising future marketing strategies.

5.    Integration Capabilities.

Integration is a crucial part of a successful business. You don’t want your employees to be doubling up their work by entering the same information twice into two different software. This is where Act-On can offer more than most other commercial marketing tools – it integrates with various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, providing a seamless flow of data between marketing and sales teams. Say yes to improved communication and collaboration within your organisation.

6.    Scalability.

Scale with software. Act-On is designed to scale with the growing needs of your business. This scalability is important for B2B companies that anticipate expanding their marketing efforts as they grow. And who wouldn’t want to grow?

7.    Customer Support.

What sets Act-On apart is strong customer support. You want to know that you have someone to call in case you get lost. In life and in business. Act-On makes sure that there is always someone to address any challenges your business might be facing.


“Using Act-On we have an automated journey that is built around the customer which automatically triggers emails to the customers. It could be a full-time job if you are managing all the emails yourself without having such a great platform.”

-Melissa H., Marketing Executive | Ezi Car Rental


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